Breaking Down The Elements Of Jameson’s Limited Edition Customised TEMS Bottle

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Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems has charted a unique journey as a global sensation since her debut in 2018, amassing awards locally and internationally at awards like The Headies, NAACP, BET, and AMA. This year, she has not let up. She earned 2 Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Melodic Rap Performance for her feature on Future’s Wait for You, culminating in a win in the Best Melodic Rap Performance category and an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Song at the 95th edition of the awards for her collaboration with Rihanna on the song Lift Me Up from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

To commemorate Tems’ success, the launch of the Widen the Circle campaign, and years of an evolving relationship, Jameson Irish Whiskey has released a limited-edition Jameson Black Barrel bottle label dedicated to Tems and her team.  This budding association takes its roots from Jameson supporting her breakout single Try Me in 2019. 


The new design pays homage to shared values of the music community and togetherness repeatedly demonstrated by Jameson and Tems, individually and in collaboration. The limited-edition bottle follows the Widen the Circle campaign which launched in Nigeria in December 2022, with the “Together is our win” television commercial featuring Tems and her team: managers Muyiwa Awoniyi and Wale Davis, her stylist Dunsin Wright and her photographer & documentarian Deeds Art.

In the warm lighting of the commercial, Tems and her team sit together at a table sharing a bottle of Jameson Black Barrel and laugh while the camera periodically flips to show how each person plays their role in making the magic that eventually happens on stage. As Tems implies while gesturing to everyone at the table, they are all Tems and together, they go further.

To celebrate these wins, Jameson gifted limited-edition Black Barrel bottles to a select list of noteworthy individuals in the entertainment industry who played pivotal roles in the advancement of Tems’ career, birthed in Lagos, Nigeria.

Also included was a personalised card, recognising each person and the role they played. We got a glimpse of Big Wiz’s personalised note in the official video for Blessings by DJ Tunez featuring Wizkid and Gimba.

Diverting from its usual design, the Jameson x Tems Limited Edition JBB bottle showcases intricate elements befitting Tems’ distinct talent and brand. The bottle reflects the bold spirit of Tems’ music and personality. The illustration on the bottle displays a vibrant colour scheme which is reminiscent of the African landscape as well as elements Jameson’s brand heritage:

Green background 

The green background epitomises a wealth of resources and the natural environment of African forests that strikes close to the green affiliated with Nigeria. For extra detail, the brass dots seen across the background represent confetti, a famous festive effect which contributes to the celebratory purpose of the bottle.

Dove of Peace 

The dove, placed as a striking contrast to the green background also furthers the representation of the Nigerian colours, green and white, and its significance to Tems. The dove is a symbol popularly associated with the artist, which embodies peace, love, hope, and reconciliation: principles both Tems and Jameson stand for and promote.


As well as elevating the significance of the new bottle, the logo artfully pays tribute to the elements specific to Tems and her team. The handshake signifies acceptance and partnership observed between herself and the members of her team, the digital camera icon portrays the documentation of her journey, a feat exceptionally achieved by Deeds Art, while the microphone icon is specific to Tems, whose incredible voice and talent have taken her to great heights. Additionally, the logo is accompanied by an ‘established date’ of 2019, a charming nod to the genesis of the Jameson and Tems relationship.

Note to fans! 

Collaboration is key, together we win” inscribed on the back label is a phrase portrayed excellently by Tems and her team; Tems is regularly seen with her core support system, whether when she’s performing at events, attending award shows or on stage receiving her awards, they all share in the moments together.

Great alliances produce great results. Not only is Jameson championing the message of community, but the bottle’s customized illustrations also show Jameson’s dedication to showcasing African creativity, alongside Tems’ artistry and accomplishments. A limited-edition item, the Jameson xTems bottle is a collectible and serves as an iconic memorial to the dynamic collaboration that exists between Jameson and Tems.