Candy Bleakz And Teni Recognize Their Worth On Niphkeys Produced ‘Baba Nla’

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Candy Bleakz presents as the average rapper always on an ego trip with her slew of self-conscious and confident bars, but an in-depth appraisal of her discography will reveal she’s not. Bubbling to the surface in an industry where her genre of music: Hip hop is not prime, let alone the unfavourability of her gender, the rapper’s – with her street music leanings – approach to her craft is non conforming, despite her affiliations with mainstream giants, which is believed to be a bid to stay relevant. In 2019, she proved her desirability on Owo Osu with Zlatan and Naira Marley, a single that gave her brand a much-needed nudge. This month, in the same vein, she taps Teni on Baba Nla, a comeback single rife with signature sassy bars and the audacity that put her on our radar last year.

Candy Bleakz does not utilize a single-line delivery, instead, she addresses her narratives from different points, a move that heightens her mystery and speaks to a passion rather than profit-driven inspiration. On the Niphkeys produced Baba Nla she adopts this approach and spices things up with Teni’s melodic hook. Together, they’re a team to reckon with.

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