Chike Agada Shares Second Single ‘Nobody’ Ahead Of EP Release

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The saturation of talent in the Nigerian music industry today has somewhat made it impossible for a myriad of them to stand out. With a lot to offer, they often grasp at straws in a bid to hit marks and remain relevant but for Chike Agada, formerly known as Chykay, his family ties to music have helped him curate a discography based on a fusion of 70’s funk and Afrobeat of course topped off by the addition of British charm. Following the release of his previous single, Vibrate, Agada returns with its official follow-up, Nobody, produced by NAME.

Both singles released only weeks apart are set to gear up fans for the release of Agada’s anticipated EP, Venus.

On Nobody, Agada states mesmerically that no one matters but his muse. The single’s instrumental is a collage of drums and trumpets that result in a smooth and rhythmic feel contrasted against his voice which articulates a chorus as lustrous as his narrative.

Nobody has jazzy inflections in the bassline that carries the entire soundscape and by extension Chikes Agada’s tones. It’s a step in the right direction for him, as he prepares the release of Venus.

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