MOJO, Masiano And PrettyBoy D-O Team Up On Chop Life Crew’s ‘Dexter’

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Chop Life Crew combines a wealth of influence and experience split in a fusion of punk attitude and alternative individuality among others to stand out in today’s clustered music space. Since their debut, they’ve expanded on their knowledge on lust, love, drugs, sex, money, and success in sparse words and addictive instrumentals which brightens the spotlight on them, and despite the carelessness with which they perform, new releases are always anticipated and their latest, Dexter arrived with just as much adulation following it.

Structurally, Dexter is typical Chop Life Crew; dense percussions, rhythmic flow, mind-altering lyrics, and allusions to drug culture except for this time their lifestyle-inspired narrative, powered by MOJO, Masiano, and PrettyBoyDO presents with more edge and rhythm.

Dexter is not your average Chop Life Crew single, its Hip hop leanings and suggestive meaning serve as a pedestal that places it above previously released work.

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