Mojo And Tim Lyre Power Chop Life Crew’s Upbeat ‘Hurricane’

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Despite their difference in articulation and signature choppy delivery, Chop Life Crew’s discography is essential listening. Their dewy sound and combination of metaphorical lyricism afford them the oomph needed to thrive in an environment that’s not exactly habitable. Food for the soul and inspiration for introspection, their latest, Hurricane is a succinct proof of their uniqueness. As is the norm for the group, the single is powered by Mojo and Tim Lyre, a frequent collaborator.

Their ability to paint a dynamic picture of their feelings with Mojo dispensing his in his usual drawl and Tim Lyre serenading us on the chorus makes the perfect case for them. Just as appealing is Ronehi and Tim lyre complementary mix of springy percussions made up of atmospheric synths and shaky drums.

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