Chop Life Crew Are Charged With Icy Punchlines And Inducing Rhythms On ‘Santa Flow’

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Last year, seven-man band Chop Life Crew (CLC) catalyzed into a group of nonconformists on their eclectic debut, CLC Step powered by the band’s energizer’s L.K, Mojo, and Ronehi. On the back of what seems like a recognized run since the single’s release in mid-2020, they return this year, witty and formidable as ever on Santa Flow, driven by inducing rhythms and icy punchlines as the title suggests.

In their collective laidback imprint, Santa Flow is an ode to their lives as creatives breezing through life in a city like Lagos where imitation is strong but personality, which they possess, is even more important over Cubix’s drowsy’s beat.

L.K, Tena Tenpo, Cubix, and Miju are the leaders, and just as individualistic as they are united, they push their variants of the single’s dominant theme in captivating ways despite the sparsity of their lyricism and the unusualness of their flow.

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