Chopstix Breaks Down Burna Boy’s ‘Last Last’ Beat

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Chopstix Last Last

Released only two months ago, Burna Boy’s Last Last has completely taken over the whole world. It has gained massive airplay and streams in such a short amount of time, and Burna Boy even claims that the song has made him the most money he’s ever made from one song. The Toni Braxton sampling beat was produced by Grammy-nominated record producer, Olagundoye James Malcolm, or Chopstix as he is known professionally.

Because of the significant love, Last Last has been receiving, Chopstix decided to give us a glimpse of what it was like to make the beat. He tells us how Burna told him about wanting to sample a Toni Braxton song, and how he always wanted to sample one of her songs too. Not surprisingly, they both had the same song in mind: Toni’s He Wasn’t Man Enough. As a self-proclaimed ‘Sample Guy,’ Chopstix knew he was man enough for the job.

Throughout the breakdown video, Chopstix walks us through the various processes and challenges that were involved in the making of the beat. He also gives a couple of tips to young record producers; he tells them not to be overly focused on what software they use and to be more about how they can creatively manipulate things.

Chopstix also talks about how when he’s making or listening to music, he likes to see it visually and that helps his process. He mentions his preference for simple and straightforward beats over complex ones.

Check out the breakdown below:

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