Finally, Burna Boy Releases the Toni Braxton Sampling ‘Last Last’

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It all started with a snippet released via an Instagram Live session. As he is wont to do when he gets easily excited, Burna Boy started building hype for his next studio album with the snippet for Last Last which had two obvious references- a Toni Braxton sample and the use of the “Last last, everybody go chop breakfast phrase. He would go on to perform the record during his landmark Madison Square Garden concert where he also announced his next album Love, Damini due for release on his birthday- July 2nd.

Last Last is a more upbeat and hedonistic take than we’ve come to expect from Burna with a self-directed video that begins by paying homage to himself, his house, cars, friends, Igbo, shayo, and fans- in that order. While the video is largely shot in his Lekki home which has been the subject of an Architectural Digest feature. With a hook that references his love for “igbo and shayo” using the street slang for good ol’ marijuana and alcohol, the video is essentially a highlight reel of some of the stand-out moments of his career and the posse which accompany a star of his standing.