CKay Yearns For Love And Attention On ‘Kiss Me Like You Miss Me’

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With love and lust as his power and machines in his never-ending battle with his heart, CKay is on his way to another EP, that finds him wearing his heart on his sleeves which by all indications on its two lead singles, Felony, and the just-released, Kiss Me Like You Miss Me, he seems to have emerged the victor.

More upbeat than Felony but reminiscent of the heartwarming promises delivered, the BMH co-produced Kiss Me Like You Miss Me brings the fun-loving CKay to life with its buoyant bass and pipe-y instruments.

Despite the singularity of his sound, spontaneity is a tool CKay never fails to utilize, and with the bouncy nature of Kiss Me Like You Miss Me, it’s hard to imagine what to expect on Boyfriend, which in a positive way, builds anticipation for the soon-to-be-released EP.

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