Passion And Potential Meet On Coblaze’s Latest ‘Come’

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Coblaze has been bidding his time in the industry, waiting for the perfect time to introduce the world to his engaging fusion of alternative and afro-pop sounds. On the back of years of experience as a recording artist, he shares, Come, an appetite whether for his growing fanbase and an encapsulator of his prowess.

Unlike his last single Amen, an ode to his desires for a better life, Come finds Coblaze delving into hedonism. Set against a bouncy Afropop-inspired backdrop, Coblaze articulates his bawdy narrative in a mix of different languages spruced with street lingo to ensure universality.

Produced by Coblaze himself, Come not only introduces us to a finer side of life the musician wants us to see, but it also highlights his superset of skills, a neat combination for someone who has an eye on the prize.

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