Cruel Santino Shares ‘End Of The Wicked’ A Premeditated Result Of His Artistic Genius

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Mandy And The Jungle was Cruel Santino’s (formerly known as Santi) gateway to a limitless array of artistic opportunities that he been cashing in on since the album’s wealth of positive reviews began to roll in. A number of noteworthy features have come after it, live shows that not only expanded his reach but shown the weight of his fans adulation, and even a late-night show he flagged off a couple of weeks ago. Building on these feats, he returns this week, after a guest appearance on Octavian’s hit single, Poison on End Of The Wicked.

Recognizing and leveraging his synergy with Octavian, he goes back to the French-British Rapper for another shot of his wispy flow that he fuses with his galvanic delivery of biting lyrics which marks his salvation from a metaphorically evil woman he’s now free from. This rhythmic narrative produced longtime friend and collaborator, GMK ties to Cruel Santino’s penchant for vintage Nigerian movies and it’s palpable in the song’s art, the short visualizer he shared before releasing the song and the very first episode of his Late Night Show with Deto Black.

Like all things Santino born, End Of The Wicked is a premeditated result of his artistic genius.