Custodian Best Dressed List 2014: Kanye West

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Name: Kanye Omar West

Age: 37

Occupation: Self proclaimed Creative Genius (Recording Artist, Fashion Designer, Self Publicist, Music Producer and one half of the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple

Residence: New York, Los Angeles & Paris

Trademarks: Ripped jeans, Yeezus tees, footwear consistency and the odd bizarre haircut.  Paparazzi favourite

You just gotta let the coat hang sometimes.
MET Ball game- 100%

You’re not doing it right if you aren’t twinning in style with ‘Bae’.

Coat game so mean.

Even when he can’t be bothered.
N****s in Paris
Self Advertising never looked so good.
That’s what he wore to his wedding.
Topped off with this cool number.

‘Cos Margiela
His last shoe for Nike, the Red Octobers were a massive hit.

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