Custodian Fitness- Shoulder Workout

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This is a sample shoulder routine from Craig and I’s shoulder session! We do a rotator cuff warm up in the beginning to prevent injuries.

Some of these exercises can be performed at home with the use of dumbbells. We tend to start up with 2 warm up sets (15-12 repetitions each) on the shoulder press on a light weight and focus solely on squeezing, going through the complete range of motion and letting the blood flow into the muscle. After the warm up set, we increase the weight and drop the reps.

4 x 8-12 Reps: DB Shoulder Press
4 x 12-15 Reps: Standing DB Lateral Raises
4 x 12-15 Reps: Seated heavy momentum lateral raises
4 x 12-15 Reps: DB Standing Rear Delt Flys
4 x 12-15 Reps: DB Front Raises
4 x 8-12 Reps: Machine Rear delt Flys
4 x 12-15 Reps: Seated Unsupported DB press

Please feel free to ask any questions!


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