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Grammy Night could see Sam Smith take home up to 6 Grammy’s including the Big 4 categories. The New York Times capture his growth.

The Economist’s piece on the Nigerian elections in which they reluctantly endorse Rtd General Buhari as the least awful choice.

The Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger is probably the most feted newspaper editor in the world. As he embarks on a walk into semi retirement, former Guardian Media Critic, Michael Wolff attempts to provide some insight albeit coming across as misogynistic and bitter as to the succession options in GQ.

Home Secretary, Theresa May could be the next female Prime Minister. Gaby Hinsliff in an illuminating long read shines the light on her career, personal life and her leadership chances.

Saturday Night Live turns 40 this year. The cast of NBC’s flagship show reflect.

Esquire’s Andrew Harrison explains how to be a male feminist.

In wake of author Harper Lee’s announcement of the impending release of the follow up to How To Kill A Mockingbird, this old Vanity Fair piece details the story of her copyrights dispute with her agent.

Mark Seal, one of the more prolific longform writers takes a look at the Sony/The Interview saga.

Absolute Genius: The story of the Uber driver who uses his taxi as a showroom for his jewelry business.

The New York Times on the impact of ex Olympic heartthrob, Bruce Jenner and his rumored sex change on transvestite relations.

The Guardian’s Caroline Sullivan on the Bobbi Kristina incident and the legacy of celebrity kids and drug use.

Tony Blair speaks to Vanity Fair on his post office jaunts.

The counter narrative: The Ghandi we did not know.



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