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Some people argue that the costs of Education outweigh the positives. All that debt in a bid to earn knowledge you don’t necessarily use in the real world. Well, Euan Coe set out to get a free education by sneaking into some of the prominent London universities and attending classes without paying a dime. The result is a fine read.

Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest players of his generation. He might never have won the Premier League (The story might be different in May). Football publication 8by8 draw up a phenomenal profile that highlights the self doubt that makes the man THE MAN.


Tony Benn, one of the last great British politicians passed away this week. Gary Younge of The Guardian highlights why in an inspiring piece. May his soul rest in peace.


Nigerian businessman, Atedo Peterside is on a mobilization exercise of some sort. He delivers his case on why the national conference must work.


Sergey Brin leads one of the biggest companies in the world in Google. Until recently, he was married to an equally successful entrepreneur (Anne Wojcicki). Central to this break up, a British marketing executive who has made her name from a genius moment in the promotion of Google Glass. Vanity Fair, in true form highlight the dynamics.

The BBC’s Will Ross asks an important question: Is Nigeria serious about tackling corruption?

Jay Z recently became a sports agent. Does he fully understand what he’s doing? Darren Heitner, a Forbes contributor considers the legal backdrop?


Chimamanda Adichie is the rockstar of Nigerian literature. The New Inquiry have a good long read on her “solid, personal achievements”.

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