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In wake of the Paris killings, Hugo Rifkind makes the point that there is a difference between being brave and funny in relation to the principle of free speech.

Guardian Writer and West Ham United fan, Jacob Steinberg on how he finds that he enjoys West Ham being bad at football (like last season). In essence, success is not fun.

Over the last couple of years, Black British actors have steadily become more popualr. David Oyelowo has earned rave reviews for playing MLK Jr in ‘Selma’ following Chiwetel Ejiofor’s success last year. This Buzzfeed piece takes a look at the rapidly improving fortunes of the Black British actor and why.


YNaija’s interesting interview Yagazie Emezi.

Kate Gross died of cancer on Christmas day. She was 36, and is survived by her husband and five-year-old twin boys. Her mother, Jean Gross writes emotively on her last days.

Teju Cole’s detached yet brilliant piece examining the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the concept of freedom and liberty in the Western world. Not as long winded or wordy as his usual work(s).

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