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Aristokrat Records rapper Ozone releases his debut piece of work since joining the label. It’s titled ‘Superiority Complex’. After thoroughly listening to the project, here’s the verdict;

1. Blackman Blood Intro
Great way to begin. Sampling the “I never Esperred it” speech, listeners will be drawn in. The speech in which the athlete expresses his determination to win directly correlates with the verse. Ozone talks us through his family background and his mission as a rapper.

2. Introducktion ft. Yung L
Yung L never goes wrong on laid back alternative sounding beats and he laid a solid chorus here. The song emphasises the message of the intro, emphasising that they both are coming into the industry ready. They both feed off each others flows in what makes for a decent song.

3. All Night
One can tell Ozone premeditated a radio single and worked towards that on this track. The track is upbeat and ticks most of the boxes of a radio single/club banger, which explains why it was the first video but personally, the track provides minimal satisfaction.

4. 1000
Ozone maintains an impeccable flow on this track. He also draws on the American southern manner of delivering his adlibs.

5. Confessions
First female friendly song on the mixtape. The song explores the relationship between a guy and a girl who seems to have moved on. The female background vocals provides some melody. The track can easily be skipped, it lacks any X factor.

6. In The Morning.
Another love track. This time, about a faithful girl that believes in her man through thick and thin. How does he repay her? Providing good loving every morning. Another lacklustre track. At this point, we can assert that love songs are not Ozone’s forte.

7. Skit
Funny skit reflecting an interesting scenario, Ozone probably went through while settling back in Nigeria.

8. All I Know
Probably the best song on the mixtape. The song comes from the view of a guy so wrapped in his vices without a care for the world. By far, the best written song on the project.

9. Shalala
Very well written. Great harmonies. Ozone has impressive singing abilities which Nigerian rappers need to access the mainstream. Another stoner song, those who know who Shalala is in Lagos will understand the depth of the track.

10. Purple Trees
Ozone might be best making music under the influence, about the influence. Coupled with Leriq’s stellar beat, this is a classic stoner track. Ozone’s undertone harmonising can also not go unnoticed.

11. Fire On Ft. Mojeed: An appearance from label mate, Mojeed and whilst they both deliver solid verses it’san average track.

12. Look Twice Ft. BOJ
This track sounds rushed, especially on the chorus delivered by Boj. It sounds like Boj was having fun in the studio, recorded a freestyle and left, then Ozone subsequently heard it and laid verses over it. Hence Boj is not audible enough on the chorus. However, that doesn’t make it a bad track and should be good enough to garner radio spins here and there.

13. Mercy ft. Wizkid
Well you can hardly go wrong with Wizkid. This one bangs in that it would knock in the clubs and still be commercially successful. Would have been nice to hear a verse from Wizkid. Just like the Boj collabo it does not sound like a track that was written together by both acts. This will do very well on radio and might be Ozone’s first step forward if promoted adequately.

14. Skit
Cool skit, nothing special.

15. Long Time Coming
This closing track reflects the journey Ozone is well into, assuring his loved ones the story will end well.

Ozone delivered a decent project. To go off point, the cover is one of the most creative seen in recent times. The project has a few gems that can propel Ozone to the next level (i.e Mercy ft.Wizkid) but at the same time there are a few forgettable tracks. The best part about the mixtape is, it is oblivious to the demands of the industry. Ozone shows fans his true self. However, on some tracks where he attempted to conform on his own, he might have gone overboard (i.e All Night). It was a good idea bringing onboard the likes of Boj and Wizkid to give the mixtape the right push but a more focused outlook would have been appropriate. The mixtape is a step in the right direction for Ozone. Ozone is a great rapper, but in this market, that is hardly enough. We wish him luck on his journey.

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