African Women Appreciate Their Hair And Roots In This Hair Of Mine

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African Women Appreciate Their Hair and Roots in Cynthia Harvey's short documentary, This Hair of Mine

Jamaican born stylist Cynthia Harvey offers a view into the lives of a multitude of African women from the standpoint of the pride they take in their hair and roots. In the six minute documentary titled This Hair of Mine, women from countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Kenya reveal their views on beauty while donning interesting hair styles. While speaking to Naatal, Harvey suggested that it was important to look back on heritage and what these various hairstyles mean.

“With this project I wanted to explore the heritage of these young women by looking into what parts of Africa they were from, tracing as far back as I could to find out how the women of each tribe wore their hair historically, then recreating those hairstyles in ways I imagined the styles could have evolved. This film is about my love affair with hair and wanting to celebrate the undeniable beauty and diversity of black women and their hair.”



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