DAP The Contract Stuns In ‘Outatime’

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Rapper and producer DAP The Contract has returned with the official music video for Outatime

On Outatime, DAP The Contract takes us on a thrilling ride in a little over five minutes, flexing his versatility as he flows from UFO to Go Slow and Mo Fe Jaiye off his 2021 album Powers Vol. 2. DAP pulls off the extraordinary feat of switching from different styles and paces, giving the listener a feel of his musical prowess and leaving you wanting more.

Co-directed by Sam.Ro.Chell Outatime is a creative masterpiece, true to DAP The Contract’s reputation as a creative genius. Outatime transports you to an alternate universe with stunning animations handled by Farai Awindor and Felege Gebru.

Catch Outatime here.