Davido Set to Hit Over 30 Locations During 30 Billion World Tour

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Davido is set to take to 28 locations in Africa, Europe and North America as part of his 30 Billion World Tour

Davido has dominated the Nigerian music scene with IF and Fall rising to the top of the charts and reminding us of Davido’s prowess at creating Nigerian music after a less than potent 2016 run. He rekindled his partnership with Asa Asika who oversaw his 2011 breakout and has taken to countries like Gabon, South Africa and the US for stand-alone performances but shall now turn it up a notch with the 30 Billion World tour.

At the moment, Davido is slated for 28 shows but the indication is that there shall be new dates added. In Europe, he shall take to Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway leaving out the more typical concert locations like France, Germany and the UK while he shall tour a total of 13 cities in the US as well as 4 Canadian cities. He shall also take to 4 African countries including Djibouti, Ivory Coast and Guinea. In due time, we shall see if the guess that the additional shows will be in popular locations currently absent such as Atlanta, London, Johannesburg is true but the tour is yet another move which fits in perfectly with the decisions he has taken this year, strategic and well thought out. The decision to go on the 30 Billion World tour ahead of a project will definitely have the world watching him and create the environment for his sophomore album which will likely be supplemented by yet another tour in 2018.

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