WHO declares Nigerians most depressed in Africa

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According to statistics released by the World Health Organisation, Nigerians are the most depressed people on the African continent with 7,079,815 sufferers of depression amounting to 3.9% of the population.

“The number of persons with common mental disorders globally is going up, particularly in lower-income countries, because the population is growing and more people are living to the age when depression and anxiety most commonly occurs,” the WHO explained.

Also, 4,894,557 Nigerians, that is 2.7 per cent of the population, suffer anxiety disorders which is also the highest on the African continent but closely followed by Ethiopia.

If you are one of those who suffers from depression, it is imperative that you seek help as there is nothing wrong with doing so. Forums like PsyndUp exist to have these conversations and therapists also exist and should be used.

Source: Guardian

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