DNDSection vs PsychoYP: One of Nigerian Rap’s Most Exciting Days Yet

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DndSection vs PsychoYP

Last week, following the submission of PsychoYP’s upcoming project, presumably to his distributors, the Fresh Prince of Nigerian Rap and defacto leader of Abuja collective, Apex Village took a moment to share his thoughts on the Nigerian rap scene. YP aimed squarely at industry OGs and asserted that nobody is doing it like him with the kind of confidence that you’ve come to expect when you think about the rap scene.

Under tha above post, a rap fan chimed in calling cap on YP’s comments and suggesting that bar for bar, dndSection is in a world of his own. The comment caught dndSection‘s attention and he wasted no time advocating for himself via his Instagram Stories. YP was also quick with a response, not backing down from his original assertion and then came the challenge from DND who said he was going to let the music speak and set the stage for Saturday, May 21st, 2022, one of the most fun days in Nigerian Rap history and DNDSection vs PsychoYP.

Bright and early, DND Section shared a track titled Best Rapper in Africa where he aimed at Apex Village rapping “I smoke on your whole Apex Village and burn all the buildings and take all the women.” Within an hour, YP’s response was live and for the fans, it was a moment many had lived for. Two rappers, going squarely at each other, nobody ducking smoke and ultimately, furthering the sport of rap.


Following YP’s reply, DND went back into the studio and kept the party going and content coming with Story of Nicholas which has been met by rave reviews thus far. Following the drop, DNDSection, PsychoYP, Blaqbonez, Adey, BNXN, Cruel Santino, Boj, Teezee and numerous other music industry players hopped into a Twitter Space hosted by SuperSmada and BensonEdo to chop it up about the significance of the back and forth, what’s next and why this is a watershed moment for the sport of Nigerian rap.

Keep your eyes peeled, cos you never know YP might be coming with some more heat!