DSTV to Adopt Netflix and Amazon Prime on New Decoder

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The streaming wars have loomed large over the African content space in the last couple of months. Netflix has increased its investment in the space by commissioning original content leading to suggestions that Multichoice via its DSTV platform was under threat. However, it seems a bit of a truce has been reached that should mutually benefit three parties: DSTV, Netfix and Amazon Prime.

What’s Happening? 

MultiChoice Group Ltd, the parent company of DSTV has announced that it has signed deals with Netflix Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. to offer their streaming services through its new decoder in a move designed to help Africa’s largest pay-TV company retain subscribers and mitigate the attrition that could come with increased competition.

Why’s this important? 

It marks a cooling in the streaming wars and signals a more cooperative approach with both sides leveraging each other’s platforms to connect with their audience. It could also mark an increased pool of content that’s easily accessible to consumers.

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