Dunnie’s Sophomore EP ‘Four’ Is A Colourful Tetrad Of Love

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Unlike her upcoming contemporaries, Dunnie’s artistry is deeply rooted in symbolism, a trait that points to the organic significance of her brand and in turn the quality of unadulterated music she releases. From her debut seven-track EP, Seven to her just-released sophomore EP, Four, her penchant for symbolism is more than a brush with it but an extension of herself. This is especially prominent on the four-track project that collects on her many talents to spotlight the budding might of her sound.

Despite its theme limitation, Four is a rich expository into Dunnie’s artistry that combines her Songwriting, Singing, and Production skills, on tracks like Overdose, Ordinary and I Need You, we witness these as a triad.

Four is also proof that Dunnie is unafraid to stick to the status quo except she does this with the grace and finesse of a maestro equipped with the power and skills to spin subjects with twists and tricks only artists of their caliber can muster.

It’s been two years since Dunnie’s debut EP was released and with Four, she proves that the time was spent driving evolution into every bit of her brand as evidenced in the way she masterfully and pristinely presents love in all its forms as a colorful tetrad.

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