Dwin, The Stoic’s ‘Ifunanyam’ Is A Murky And Mellow Ode To Lost Love

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Dwin, The Stoic, has mastered the art of soulful storytelling and wielding immersive deep bass vocals as his main tool of articulation, he has undoubtedly won our hearts. Time and again, he not only captures our attention with enrapturing verses that go on and on, but he also takes control of our minds. Summarily, listening to Dwin, The Stoic is an encounter and this is because his intent goes beyond the need to entertain, but, to enlighten. His latest, the Rhaffy produced Ifunanyam, an ode to lost love, is a snapshot of this.

Perhaps a thing of his Poet persona, Dwin, The Stoic’s Ifunanyam is partly, murky and mellow, in that it is as serene as it is rife with stormy emotions that results in the edgy Dwin we witness from start to finish.

From its suggestive title to the emotive opener and mesmeric chorus, Ifunanyam is every bit the immersive single we expect from Dwin, The Stoic.


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