Mo Abudu’s Ebonylife is developing an Afro-futuristic Crime-Drama for AMC Networks.

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Mo Abudu’s Ebonylife is developing an Afro-futuristic Crime-Drama Nigeria 2099 for AMC Networks.

AMC Networks, the cable giant behind popular shows such as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, just released its list of projects in development, and included in the list is Nigeria 2099, an afrofuturistic crime-drama created by Ebonylife TV.

The series is set in a futuristic Nigeria and follows Sergeant Charles Okpara, a local police officer in Lagos, who is assigned to protect an American businessman staking out his district. While on his assignment, the sergeant begins to unravel a global conspiracy.

Commenting on the list, Sarah Barnett, president of AMC Networks Entertainment Group, says, “We’re looking for highly original visions and voices as we think about how AMC Networks evolves. The projects in development both on the Entertainment Group side and at AMC Studios all embrace people with singular and surprising points of view.”

The show will be executive produced by Mo Abudu and Ebonylife TV’s head of programming Heidi Uys. Ahmadu Garbu (Happy, Sinner) will write the series.

Nigeria 2099 is a product of the many discussions Ebonylife has had with international firms on the coproduction of African stories with global appeals. Last year, the company announced it had signed a deal with Sony Pictures to produce three TV shows, one of which is The Dahomey Warriors.

In 2018, C21Media reported Ebonylife has been developing content in four major areas: Afro-history (The Dahomey Warriors), Afro-futurism, Afro-impact (Oloture), Afropolitan (Castle & Castle). The Afro-futurism projects will tell stories set in a futuristic Africa, Nigeria 2099 is the first of such projects.


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