Lady Donli’s Enjoyment Manifesto Peaks With 15-Track Stellar Album ‘Enjoy Your Life’

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Lady Donli has taken 15 bold steps into a whole new world characterized by the ‘Enjoy Your Life’ mantra and governed by her penchant for flawless, impactful, timeless and genre-bending music home-grown by Donli herself within 5 seemingly long years that have seen her grow from a Soundcloud gem to the commandeering ‘enjoyment master’ that she is today.

Since the release of Cash, the album’s lead single, we’ve seen Lady Donli aggressively promote the 37 minute album adorned by short but prepossessing tracks and despite the engaging promotion mechanisms used, nothing prepares us for the heavyweight of the Enjoy Your Life album.

Enjoy Your Life runs through an array of cultures, first and abundant of which is Donli’s Hausa culture on Zaman Lafiya, the dependence especially on 80s Afrobeat with tracks like Suffer Suffer and Corner and the kaleidoscopic themes evident in the way she switches from self love on Flava to dishonesty on Corner  and then romance on Never Ending.

Among other characteristics of this album, evolution is the most prominent as it depicts Lady Donli’s unexpected but laudable growth from her time as a music neophyte with promising projects like Wallflower and Letters to Her. The highly experimental artist has come a long way and she lets this reflect on the 15 engaging tracks dispensed in various important subjects adorned with inventive instrumentals.

What’s most impressive about Enjoy Your Life is not its prominent fusion of genres or array of colourful features but it’s a fusion of music eras which ensures that there is music for everybody regardless of class and age with divergent perspectives and tastes.

Stream Enjoy Your Life here.


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