Lady Donli delivers her enjoyment manifesto on ‘Suffer Suffer’

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There aren’t many things more beautiful than watching an artist switch gears- going from neutral to accelerate as part of a bid to widen their audience and its reach. In the last couple of months, this has captured Lady Donli’s trajectory. After winning our hearts and ears as the female face of the Alte movement, Donli has taken steps to match the growth of some of her more famous contemporaries. From her acceptance into Mr. Eazi’s emPawa accelerator program to the intoxicating Cash, her rollout has proved promising.

The second single to her upcoming album, Suffer Suffer is cut from the same cloth as Cash in that it’s centered around the desire and want of “better”. While Cash lacks any subtlety on that front, Suffer Suffer is its more subtle and down to earth cousin. Essentially, the Ghana to its Nigeria. The writing also takes an autobiographical tone. The lyric video is styled and fashioned after vintage Nollywood movies encapsulating the trends of contemporary popular culture.

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