Everything you should know about Mad Men Season 7

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Mad Men returns for its seventh and final season on the 13th of April. Last season ended with protagonist, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) finally proving fallible and his former protege Peggy Olson(Elisabeth Moss) standing in his stead. Creator Matt Weiner, generally reluctant to divulge spoilers has given some signs as to the direction the show would head:

1) Season 7 is split into two halves. 7 episodes would air this year and the final 7 in 2015.

2) In true Weiner style, the show might end ambiguously.

3) Season 7 will be about the “consequences of Don’s actions”. He said “It’s about the consequences in life, and if change is possible … There’s a real growth over the course of this last season from the material concerns of your life to the immaterial concerns of your life. That’s really what the ending of the show is about.”

4) It is likely the relationship between Don and his wife, Megan (Jessica Paré) would suffer more hiccups. Of Draper’s efforts to reconnect with his family, he says “Is making an effort enough? Announcing to the world that you’ve changed—that changes you. Does it do anything else? … That to me is one of the most interesting questions that I face in my life, and that everyone faces. You did something bad. You want to be different. You are different. Does anybody else care?”

5) Roger Sterling ( John Slattery), the self indulgent Proprietor of the ad firm might also begin to show cracks. Weiner hints at an “existential crisis”.

6) Robert Towne, the legendary writer with credits ranging from Chinatown to the Mission Impossible franchise was sought as a “sage advisor” on the writing process.

7) The show is set in the 70s this season.

8) Peggy’s plotline is the second most important on the show.

Find below pictures;

Christina Hendricks and Jon Hamm deplane

Don Draper surveys his empire

The 'Mad Men' cast is ready to take a trip

The men of 'Mad Men' schmooze

Check out those groovy stained glass windows back there

Vincent Kartheiser returns as Pete Campbell

Jon Hamm is Don Draper

Christina Hendricks is Joan Harris

January Jones is Betty Francis

John Slattery is Roger Sterling

Elisabeth Moss is Peggy Olsen

Vincent Kartheiser is Pete Campbell

Jessica Paré is Megan Draper

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The suits of 'Mad Men'

Robert Morse is Bertram Cooper

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