Explainer: Why Togolese TikToker Bhadie Kelly Has Been Trending on Social Media

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Bhadie Kelly

Togolese TikToker and viral sensation Bhadie Kelly, has been trending on social media for the past few days.


Why is Kelly trending?

On May 23, she uploaded a video of herself in a room with Nike shoes in the background, making a flirtatious face, wearing a light brown and multi-coloured gown, and dancing to an instrumental remix of Mac Miller’s songs titled J’s on my feet, which was produced by Mike Will Made It. The video has gone viral on all major social media platforms.

The TikToker who many male TikTok users have said is the sexiest woman on the app has seen a meteoric growth in her follower count in the last few days since the explosion of the video. Her content is mainly short dance videos that have a major sex appeal.

How is the internet is reacting?

In just a couple of days, the TikToker has seen her followers increase from 356k followers to over 800k followers and has been crowned miss TikTok of 2022 by a group of males on the app.

The response hasn’t all been positive as some women on the app have said that they do not get the hype. Many women have even made their own versions of Kelly’s original TikTok video comparing themselves to her.

Many were also shocked to learn that Kelly is from the Togolese Republic, and is currently working as a nurse in the United States.



What are Kelly’s official handles?

Bhadie Kelly has been impersonated by many on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. However, she has stated on her original TikTok account (@bhadie.kellyy) that her only other accounts are @pyt.kellyy and @slayy.kellyy.

She has also stated that she currently does not have a Twitter account.


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