Experience Falana’s Silvery Interpretation Of Optimism On ‘Joy’

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Ever elegant and in tune with her emotions, Falana returns in a timely fashion, following her dispensation of pain on the socially conscious Teletele on Joy, a rebuttal to the overwhelming emotions that plagued not just her but a myriad of Nigerians back in October 2020. It’s a new year, everyone is driven by the promise of new beginnings which brings nothing but joy, a feeling the soul powerhouse attempts to capture in searing acoustics and dense drums on the single.

As relentless as she is in carving in a niche for herself with her wealth of experience, so is Falana unwavering in her pursuit of joy. “Sometimes I sit and wonder, things that could have been but it dont even matter ’cause every day is a win“, this positivity-packed line is one of her driving forces and till its end, there’s not a hint of doubt in this tussle for everlasting joy.

Since her Start Again days, Falana has found ways to capture listeners even when an element is lacking in her delivery. On Joy, there’s an almost perfect fusion of all the makings of a hit with numerous ways to ensnare listeners and convert them to warriors of joy with her silvery interpretation of optimism.


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