Falz Is Back As The Voice Of Defiance On ‘One Trouser’

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Last year, following the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album, Moral Instruction, Falz informally became the voice of reason among Nigerian youth owing to his interpretation of the chaotic state of the country on the controversial project. While he’s been away from the limelight these past few months, he’s back again as a defiant youth following his stint as an entertainer and ‘bop daddy’ on his eponymously titled last release. This time, on the Bizzouch produced single, he juxtaposes life in different socioeconomic strata, metaphorically titling it, One Trouser.

The relatable single, which finds Falz presenting life in Lagos from various perspectives, comes with a video directed by Dammy Twitch in which we see the comedian meets actor, lost in a sea of human beings jostling for some sort of normalcy despite being surrounded by chaos.

To the ordinary eye, One Trouser comes off as a comical take on relatable issues but considering the attention, Falz gives to each of his projects, the song is a social commentary on the chaotic state of the country and how everyone goes to different seemingly normal but abnormal extents, to survive.