Fave’s New Single ‘N.B.U’ Is A Must Listen

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Mastering social media is a skill we’ve begun to see more artists succeed at. In the Nigerian scene it often comes with challenges and trends and Uyo-born Godsfavor Chidozie, navigating the interwebs as Fave looks to have hacked the game in ways many can only dream of. With her music already earning a spot on Ndani TV’s Skinny Girl in Transit and garnering an avid following despite only being a year into her career as a musician, she had her audience waiting for weeks for her new single N.B.U produced by Jinmi Abduls.

Armed with the silky vocals we’ve come to love her for, Fave sweetly performs her love manifesto over Jinmi Abduls’ snare driven pipe-y instrumentals punctuated by deep bass grooves that indirectly sharpens her emotions.

The love story Fave sings about doesn’t just exist in the single but in reality and it prevails as a result of talent fostered relationship she has entered into with her fans. With this and the handful of singles she has under her belt including DAL and now N.B.U, Fave has a real shot at fame.

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