Football and Fashion: The Rise of Vintage Football Shirts in Fashion

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For millennials, thrifted, vintage, retro, and upcycled fashion pieces are the affordable, eco-friendly equivalent to Dior and other luxury designer brands. The beauty of upcycling vintage fashion is that it’s universal and can be applied to just about any piece of clothing, whether it’s a pair of your Mum’s old go-go boots from the ’60s or one of your Dad’s old Led Zeppelin t-shirts. The same growth in popularity with vintage items has happened within the football community, leading to the ever-increasing rise of vintage football shirts in fashion. With some pieces of vintage kit increasing in value of thousands of pounds, this article explores the rise of vintage football shirts in style and why retro has become so popular.

A Quality (And Collectable) Investment  

Like anything labelled as ‘vintage’ nowadays, retro football shirts gather interest quickly, both monetarily and collectively. Much like the stock market and cryptocurrencies, that retro Barcelona shirt collecting dust in your attic has been dubbed one of the best investment strategies of our modern generation. Due to the football industry being so extensive, there will always be a gap in the market for vintage memorabilia and the collective knowledge that football fans will continue to invest money into the production of fan apparel. Browse online websites for a vast collection of vintage football shirts, including the vintage Barcelona jersey and much more available from Classic Football Kit. They also have knowledge of all things football which has made vintage football shirt investments highly favourable to fans.

Colourful And Sought-After Designs 

One of the reasons that vintage football shirts have risen in popularity in the fashion industry is because they serve as a nostalgic nod to the football shirts of our childhood, which were known for being bright, loud, and distinctive. Opposed to the skin-tight, spandex football t-shirts of today, vintage football shirts celebrate the traditional, authentic design elements that encapsulate the memories of past matches and focus on style as much as the vintage feelings associated with them. Some of the most notable retro design elements include shirts made of thin, elasticated cotton and stitched or ironed-on patches and club crests, a remarkable parallel to the shirts retailed at matches today.

Vintage Was Made To Last 

The rise of vintage football shirts in fashion may also be attributed to the negative feelings that some football fans have towards newer merchandise and how many modern football kits have been dubbed as major disappointments. Since the football jerseys of our childhood, football has become ever more popular, and the shirt production business has become busier due to an increase in demand for fan apparel. They are causing fans to question the durability of the churned-out modern football shirts, whether more attention is being paid to sponsorships, and how big the brand deal is than the actual design of the shirt. Vintage shirts are reminiscent of when football was about the sport and not over-crowded stadiums, expensive tickets, merchandise, or big sponsorships. Effectively mirroring the values in which modern-day consumers look for in the fashion industry, too, making the correlation between the fashion and football industries unmissable.

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