FOREVATIRED Set The Tone For Debut Mixtape With ‘Devil Fruit’

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Boy bands are fashionable now, gradually making a way back to the frontlines of music and there’s no band doing it better in Nigeria now than the eclectic trio of Rookie, Rockie, and Eti, a collective of multitalented artists married to and by their Indie and Hip-hop hybrid, an experimental sound powered by even more unique, organic vocals and delivery as permeable as their fluid energies. Since they came together in 2018, they’ve amassed a cult-like following afforded to them by singles such as Carradine, A Boy Named Arthur, and Fourth, among others. As they gear up to the release of their next full-length project, they share Devil Fruit, a love ode cushioned with Pipey synths and sharp acoustics bound to light the path to the upcoming project, on fire.

Fashioned as a conversational monologue, the result of a hazy but fruitful introspective session, Devil Fruit is characterized by the FOREVATIRED’s atypical structure that makes room for each member of the trio to deliver in equal paths while they share the spotlight as a dynamic group.

Packed with the feelings they melancholically drawl about, it’s the perfect pacesetter to a project that might be their ticket to the mainstream, a fan favorite with complete with elements for every ear.

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