Forevatired Are Unbridled By Time And Sound On ‘Those Kids Next Door’

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On the outside, the small but talent teeming community that is Forevatired appears to be your next average joes with hopes and dreams to dominate the music industry by way of nonconformism, but a closer look and more attentive ears lent to their impressive three-year journey prove otherwise, likewise their just released ten-track mixtape, Those Kids Next Door, a composition driven by the brilliant play on words that is the album title.

Opening with throwback themed West, a romantic cut powered by the lush sound of 70-80s Pop, the eclectic group wastes no time in introducing us to their sprawling catalog of sounds unbound by time, culture and allegiance. In fact, the group’s only allegiance is to good music and to themselves, one that inspires the dedication they throw into the next nine tracks.

Lyrical dexterity is evident on tracks like Film Trick, a stunning composition of come hither lines and brandished confidence that even the coldest of hearts will melt to.

The group reintroduces us their ear for Synthesizer-driven Pop on Blue, yet another indication of years of gleaned tactics that casts them in the light of budding maestros.

More impressive than Forevatired’s sprawling catalog is their independence from the rest of the world which is evidenced in their utilization of each other’s signature strengths; Production, Singing, Rapping, and the general organization of the project, signs that they are more than ready to take on the world.

Those Kids Next Door is a kick-off of an onslaught of uniqueness steeped in music like we’ve heard and not only does it brace us for the future of the music village, Forevatired, it’s an indication of the impressive and profitable restlessness that drives the current front-liners of the music industry.

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