Watch ‘Fresh Agege Bread,’ A Doc About The One-Of-A-Kind Staple

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Agege Bread has become a Nigerian staple and one of the country’s most popular food items, becoming a go-to for many across different generations without any singular group of power brokers in its production. In Fresh Agege Bread, media house For Africans By Africans looks back on how the staple became what it is today through an exploration of its history and the production process.

Food researcher, Osoz Sokoh speaks to a range of important subjects in the production, ranging from bakery owners to the Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, indigenes of Agege and finally, a public analyst at a laboratory. With the documentary, we understand the development into what it is today, how its production keeps many in jobs but also get to hear about the danger associated with the use of bromate in the production of agege bread.

With Fresh Agege Bread, For Africans by Africans tell an important story about the staple and also succeed at raising the right questions.

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