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Ahead of his Frozen Choices, Sacred Space exhibition, we caught up with photographer, Aize Muhammed Paul tot get a better sense of his journey.
When did you start taking pictures?
I would say for the better part of my teenagehood up till this day but professionally a year and five months, three days, twelve hours, 18seconds.
What inspired you to start taking pictures that documented life in certain places?
COVID  made me do it. But in a good way. With the lockdown and more than enough time to realign ones being, I was lucky enough to have reconnected with my hometown where fortunately I was locked in and came forth with this project.
Your professional career is rooted in the Law. How did you make that transition from Law to the Creative Arts? 
Law will forever be embedded in me but Art I would say Is my destiny basically. I love law but live as a creative And with that there never really was a transition, law had to fit in.
You are from Benin- one of Nigeria’s great artistic meccas. What do you think it is about that city that has influenced so much of the country’s greatest artists and how much has this part of your heritage played in your artistic journey? 
Benin is certainly the heartbeat of the nation, and my heart will forever give gratitude to the ancient city. I believe every Nigerian creative must acknowledge the influence of the Benin heritage and art empire. Paying homage to my first exhibition, I can’t possibly express how much influence the city has in my life and craft. I feel immensely blessed and proud to be Benin, and to acknowledging and accepting the city’s DNA too.
Your latest exhibition is titled Frozen Choices, Sacred Space. Tell us about it. What inspired it and what stories are you trying to tell with it?  
In a world with humans, we are constantly chastised for personal decisions made for us. Frozen choices sacred space is basically highlighting man’s journey through life, from infanthood through teenage hood until man found himself. Working on this project was simply based on elevating humanity whilst enabling individualism. I believe every being has a right to make personal decisions as deem fit and no human has the right to question nor judge such being. We are here to create a safe haven for mankind.
What informs the pictures you take? Is there a trigger or do you just seek to capture as much as you can? 
I am impulsive mostly, never one to plan a shoot. I try never to overthink any creative project, it is safe to say my trigger is my instant state of mind or being.
Is your art political? When you take pictures, are there implicit statements attached to them?
What isn’t political? But mostly I focus on elevating humanity with my projects. I believe man can attain his utmost glory only when humans are aligned in love and trust.
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