Grimaldi Banks Releases ‘You Know The Drill’

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Fast rising star Grimaldi Banks has released a new project titled You Know The Drill

Since the release of Second Son in 2021, the 22-year-old rapper has been prolific, creating work that is as incisive as it is reflective of where he is in life. Grimaldi’s work is an extension of the many emotions that have shaped his life. From angst, joy, pain, and frustration, he blends his lyricism of classic hip-hop with an innate ability to aurally curate experiences. 

Grimaldi’s ability shines through in the 2020 collective project Collectif Vol. 1, where he displays his versatility, and in Second Son where he reinstates himself as a spectacular rapper.

In a bid to mark his sound, Grimaldi opened the year with Money, a single off his most recent project released as a motivation for his fans to remain on their grind as a hustle on a daily basis. You Know The Drill opens with West Side Driller, where he embodies the persona of a Lagos City hustler with a straight and direct message chronicling the hardship he has experienced and how much he is willing to do to see his dreams come true. On Warning Shot Grimaldi sends a straight warning to his “opps also known as haters” to let them know that he is not slowing down anytime soon. As he progresses to Sitting Ducks, he dives into the bragging rights origins of Rap/Hip-hop music, with the chorus confidently giving accolades to himself while projecting himself to represent his city. Man Dem Rant is one for every rap artist where he urges the, to take credit for their work. Grimaldi begins closing out with Bad Man, a club-Drill where Grimaldi Banks defines what having a good time is all about as he asks his audience to “just groove.” He wraps it up with sensational Money, his first single of the year.

Ultimately, You Know The Drill is Grimaldi’s grand exorcism of doubts as it is his confident statement to a world where his raw, honest music packs a punch like few other music coming out today does.

Listen to You Know The Drill here.

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