Oxlade And Kidi Are Poised To Charm On Guiltybeatz’s ‘All My Love’ With DJ Vyrusky

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For his 2020 closer, All My Love, Ghanaian Producer, Guiltybeatz amasses a wealth of talent across the continent, an upbeat befitting end to a year that produced the sound sprawling six-track Different, home to viral hit and contender for TikTok song of the year, Iyabo.

Featuring Ghana’s Kidi and DJ Vyrusky and Oxlade, All My Love is a slinky and tuneful ode to a muse who according to Oxlade on his mesmeric opening verse is the one who gives him ‘ginger’ and treats him better. Articulated in a heartwarming tone pushing corny but captivating lyrics that gives way to Kidi’s rhythmic outpour of emotions, the group manages to that seal their intention to completely woo their muses and by extension, listeners.

2020 might not have been Guiltybeatz’ year but with the experimental range he produces on All My Love, he proves he still possesses what it takes to be revered even more than the quality of talent he enlists on the single, affords.

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