Hennessy Nigeria Releases 2022 Cypher Feat. PDSTRN, BarelyAnyHook, Matosan, & Preacher Kingz

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Hennessy 2022 Cypher

Following the release of the Very Special Tape in May and the conclusion of their 2022 VS Class, Hennessy has just put out another instalment of their yearly cyphers: the Hennessy 2022 Cypher.

This year’s Hennessy Artistry Cypher features 4 members of its last VS Class such as PDSTRN, BarelyAnyHook, Matosan, and Preacher Kingz. These 4 incredibly talented rappers came together on a 6-minute cypher and delivered immensely.

With lines like PDSTRN’s “Came from the mud, don’t stain my white don’t touch my linen,” BarelyAnyHook’s “He cracked the ‘Safe’ flow and went viral just on the side though. Now the name Django, equestrian on a high horse,” Matosan’s “Maybe I got to cut it down, my dream’s too big, I’m running out of time, tomorrow be coming too quick,” and Preacher Kingz’s “I took it off and set a pledge that I wouldn’t wait, be headed for the top, I’m John the Baptist with a different fate,” we can rest easy knowing that rap isn’t dead in Nigeria and these upcoming rappers aren’t slacking.

PDSTRN won the last VS Class after an intense final battle against BarelyAnyHook. The two rappers rose through the crazy competition to reach the final round and battle it out for the title of the Hennessy VS Class 2022 winner, and although he didn’t win BarelyAnyHook got bestowed with the honorary “VS Villain” title which he’s embracing.

Released less than 48 hours ago, the Hennessy Cypher 2022 already has over 14,000 views and has been met with positive reception.