The Homecoming Series #6

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Written by Antonia Peters


Moving back was so awkward for me. I mean, I knew it was ALWAYS going to happen. I wasn’t even sure how. I just knew when I was leaving secondary school that I was going to live in Nigeria at some point. In fact my mum suggested that it was my next move after summer of graduation, but I wasn’t ready.


However, England wasn’t having me. I wasn’t getting work and I was getting frustrated. The person I liked was in Nigeria, my social circle had moved back and my parents were frustrating me so there was great need for a change in environment. While America was on the list, Nigeria was the best fit for my situation. I was going to come live with my grandma, have a car, a job and a lot more freedom.


Life, as we know it had different plans – the awkward. My grandma passed the week before I came, the day after I bought my ticket actually. My Dad didn’t support my decision so he cut me off, and my mum exhausted her funds on the funeral. So it was bye grandma, bye balling, bye to the car, bye to the house help. It’s been tough. We have to do everything for ourselves. Not that this is a problem, but when you’re changing environments you don’t want things to be difficult. For example, I’ve been taken back to boarding school style of washing because a washman is an unnecessary cost and there’s no washing machine. Ever grateful that Corona taught me that struggle element.


Thankfully however, I know great people, so it doesn’t feel half as bad. Family and friends have been so helpful in different ways. Even if it’s just bringing dinner round on a random Saturday evening, or driving me up to the island for rocks. I’ve become a comfortable Lagosian. Danfos and Napeps are my main modes of transportation. However, when it’s late, Uber comes in sooooo handy. It is a cost but it is linked to my British account and I never see a charge up to £10 on my statement, so I guess I’m doing better than a day travel card.


I’ve learnt that the struggle life, isn’t so much struggle. There are staff members here at work that have up to 5 cars in their compounds, but STILL take the bus because of the traffic and inconvenience. I’ve also learnt that boredom is a worldwide thing. If you’re not jamming with friends or watching something, there’s really nothing to do. Here or ‘there’.


If anyone reading this plans on moving back, be sure to have a plan; get a job; ensure mobility; make some money; and download TONS AND TONS of shows. Boredom kills, and while we all complaining about that working life, trust me, if we weren’t working, we’d be even more annoying. Make friends with your normal circle, with locals, with mallams, tailors, and what not. It gets you FAR!!! (Well your money in your purse goes further sha). Have a taxi guy, sometimes Uber might fail you, or even worse your friend. Have that one taxi guy. Oh and have faith in God… or a watermelon if you must. Just give thanks at the end of each day because someone somewhere, would’ve pushed your buttons.

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