How Gen Z and Millennials Are Revolutionizing The Beauty Industry

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Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is having an awakening and in the eye’s of today’s youth, beauty is about freedom of expression, diversity, and individuality.

The salient expansion of the beauty and cosmetic industry is a result of young people questioning cultural norms and what it means to be beautiful. In turn, this is catalyzing a cultural movement that’s influencing how beauty brands advertise and operate.

The study found that 61 percent of respondents identify with a “niche” group, which could relate to cultural identity, sexual identity, gender identity, or overall non-conformism.  In other words, being on the fringe is the new norm.

The combination of style-centric identity and the desire to be an individual breed a culture of expression and acceptance. Over 80 percent of Pivitols think that “beauty isn’t just about products, and the way you look – it’s a form of cultural expression personally.

Millennial and Gen Z buyers have definitely changed the beauty industry for the better, so keep on reading and find out how!

They revere inner beauty

We all know the cliché that says ‘beauty comes from the inside’ and this is a fact that Millennials and Gen Z makeup users fully understand this. The concept of beauty simply is the use of creativity to express their unique personalities, and the best way to do that is through hairstyle, makeup look, and fashion choices, and of course millennials are pioneers of showcasing their inner beauty and speaking their minds in such a way, which makes them even more special than we can possibly imagine.

They support cruelty-free products

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No one really loves to experiment with anti-aging more than necessary, and as compared to the older generation, millennials prefer cruelty-free brands, as they are very vocal against testing on animals. With brands like CoverGirl going cruelty-free, it means things got way more accessible and affordable to shop without abandoning your values.

They understand less is more

Emerging brands like Glossier and Milk Makeup, have built an obsessive following on its promise of low-maintenance, “no-makeup” make up for “real girls in real life.” These companies ooze girl power through pastel pink branding, products that highlight natural beauty, and cheeky self-love slogans like “skin is in” or “you’re not just a skin type.” In an age of enormous millennial feminist activism, this is exactly the message our generation is asking to receive from people in the beauty industry, and they’re not letting us down. and others are reflecting and responding to a changing clientele, one comprising women who no longer have the time for complicated beauty routines, nor subscribe to the outdated mindset that we need them.

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