How Your Zodiac Sign Can Influence The Kind of Music You Like

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Zodiac signs are dictated by the date and month of your birth. They tell a lot about the kind of person that you are and what kinds of things you’ll enjoy or dislike. Many take it seriously, others as a fun interest and several frown upon it. However, you have to agree that it’s fun, right? Well, don’t take this too seriously (yes, this is a disclaimer).
Here, we’ll be seeing how your zodiac sign influences the kind(s) of music you enjoy.

The first of all the zodiac signs, as well as the first of the fire signs, Aries exude go-getter energy. They are vibrant, confident and energetic. You’ll find them jamming out to high energy songs. Aries born people will probably listen to artistes like Prettyboy D-O and Burna Boy.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the planet that stands for love, beauty and money. So when Taurus people listen to music, they are often in search of beauty. They enjoy music that’s natural and sensual. Taurus people will enjoy Omah Lay‘s music.

Geminis are drawn to music with high lyrical content. They enjoy how language is used in music, how the singer puts their words together. Geminis are also into fast, up tempo songs, so you may catch them listening to a lot of hip-hop and rap. They’ll enjoy listening to Santi.

Cancers are emotional people. This doesn’t mean that they are prone to tears; it means that they have the capacity to feel deeply. Because of this, Cancers will always be drawn to music that they can connect with emotionally. There is also a lot of nostalgia with Cancers and it reflects in their music taste. Cancer signs will probably like Tems.

Leos are the most showy of all the zodiac signs and they are highly energetic, sunny people. Being who they are, they gravitate towards the dramatic and passionate. They also enjoy sexiness. They’ll listen to artistes like Rema and Odunsi.

This earth sign is known for its analytical mind and paying attention to detail. They’ll listen to absolutely anything that is well crafted and thoughtful. For them, it’s not so much the type of music but how good the music is. Virgos will definitely appreciate the meticulousness of Falana‘s music.

This sign loves expressiveness in their music. Since Scorpios like introspection, they enjoy artistes who put it all out there, emotionally. They also have an investigative trait, meaning that the process of discovering new music is just as interesting as the music itself. Scorpios are also into rage, being ruled by Mars, and the sensual, being most associated with sex. Scorpios probably make up a huge percentage of an artiste like Amaarae‘s fanbase.

Sagittarians are the adventurers of all the zodiac signs, so you’ll probably find them checking out new music from all over. Don’t try to restrict this fire sign. They love upbeat music but also use music as a means of escape. This sign will enjoy a good Naira Marley song.

Libras are also ruled by Venus, so they always appreciate a good love song. They look for lyrical content that will put them in a love mood. Essentially, they’re in love with love. Next time you’re with a Libra person, play a Joeboy song.

This sign is most attached to tradition, therefore you’ll most likely find Capricorns checking out old tunes or more earthy, folk music. They are also very moody people and tend to enjoy that in their music. This sign also loves music as a rule. You’ll most likely find a Capricorn listening to old school Wande Coal.

Being an air sign, Aquarius has traits of intellectuality and are often deep thinkers. Therefore, they’ll probably listen to music with strong messages or of a philosophical nature. This sign also enjoys experimentation in music, anything new and inventive will catch their attention. Pretty sure Aquarians will like Obongjayar.

Pisces-born people live with their heads in the clouds. They would rather live in the world they’ve created in their heads than in real life. For them, music is a means of escape from reality. Since they’re also very sensitive people, they enjoy songs with emotional depth. An artiste like Asa would appeal to this sign.