Hxppier Releases Debut Single ‘Pull Me Closer’

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Rising Abuja artiste, Hxppier has released her debut single Pull Me Closer. The track tells the story of time, and how finite it is. Pull Me Closer reveals that time is a borrowed resource, which should be maximized by making memories because we won’t be here forever.

Known on official documents as Favour Oru, Hxppier started her musical journey singing in the church choir at the age of four. The 18-year-old fell in love with music during her time in Junior Secondary School, and she started making music covers in 2020 during the pandemic.

This signaled a shift in her musical journey after one of her covers gained attention on social media in 2021 and she began getting offers to make music. For the Abuja indigene, music is a means of telling stories, so she does not restrict herself to a particular genre of music.

Hxppier makes music with the vision of giving people a sense of belonging and community. She wants her listeners to know that they are not alone on the journey called life and that everything will turn out fine.