Buhari Claims To Have Been Robbed of Presidency Prior to 2015

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Watch President Buhari's 2018 Democracy Day Speech

President Muhammadu Buhari claims he defeated his opponents three times but was robbed of the presidency before he eventually won in 2015

He said this to some Nigerian artistes and youth organisations while breaking fast at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Buhari also pledged that his administration would continue to implement policies and programmes aimed at creating an enabling environment for the youth

“We are trying very hard to normalize situation in the country for you. I’m very pleased with the position of our constitution.

“No matter how good you are, you don’t have more than two terms and no matter how bad you are you can hardly last more than the first term. So, this generosity of the constitution I respect very much.

“It gives me the opportunity to round up having been a governor, minister, head of state in uniform and then going to the Supreme Court three times to complain about my being rigged out”, he said.

“I will continue to dedicate my time to make sure that Nigerians are enlightened on the importance of voter education because this is vital for good governance,” he added.

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