In-House: Blaqbonez’s “Young Preacher”

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Blaqbonez Young Preacher

On Blaqbonez’s hot off the press and highly-anticipated studio album, Young Preacher, he showcases his talent as one of the most versatile young artists in the game. The Young Preacher album is Blaqbonez’s valiant offering, as he leaves his mark in the soundscape of 2022. The album features very distinct and colourful tracks, with no two records sounding similar; the album is filled with vivid artistry and variety, spanning genres from afro-fusion to hip hop and R&B. The project also recruits a star-studded lineup of features from global sensations including Lojay, Amaarae, Tekno, JAE5 and Tay Iwar. The project followed the release of his Back In Uni track which has enjoyed a viral success helmed by the self directed music video for the record (which is the 5th track on the album), where he playfully pays homage to stars such Asake, Burna Boy, Oxlade, Wizkid and Ayra Starr.

Today, the team at Culture Custodian share our thoughts and opinions on Blaqbonez’s Young Preacher, in this instalment of our ongoing In-House music commentary series.

What’s your favorite song on Young Preacher?

Thelma: Whistle is my jam. Big tune, that one. I’d Be Waiting, as well.

Naomi: My favorite song on the album is Whistle. There’s something about how the song starts and how Lojay just stunts on the chorus, too smooth.

Adaora: Whistle is my favourite song.

Which track do you think has the most superb production?

Thelma: I like the production on Star Life & I’d Be Waiting. But in general, the production on the album is pretty clean.

Naomi: I think Whistle also has the most superb production.

Adaora: Fashion Nova.

What tracks are potential hit (No. 1) songs?

Thelma: It’s Whistle for me.

Naomi: Back In Uni, it’s already a crowd favorite and it has all the right elements, it’s a clear chart-topper. I also think it’s the most interesting song on the project so it’s going to do well.

Adaora: Back In Uni/Ess Mama are potential hit songs.

Who’s your favorite feature?

Thelma: Lojay, of course. Mans doesn’t miss. I also enjoyed listening to Blxckie.

Naomi: My favorite feature is Lojay on Whistle 😭.

Adaora: My favorite feature is Lojay.

Who had the best vocals?

Thelma: Know it’s been a rough couple of months… Lojay and Amaraae did their thing on this one.

Naomi: Best vocals have to be Lojay again, on Whistle.

Adaora: Lojay had the best vocals.

What track could be a potential miss?

Thelma: Wouldn’t necessarily call it a miss, but that Loyalty track can miss me.

Naomi: A potential miss for me is Fake Nikes. I really don’t like how that song sounds; it sounds like he’s trying to prove something.

Adaora: She Like Igbo/Ess Mama

Which tracks are being slept on?

Thelma: I’ll say She Like Igbo purely because it kind of feels like a random/funny interlude (that little ad-lib at the end cracks me up every time). But lowkey? That beat is vibes.

Naomi: Ring Ring is definitely slept on; Tay Iwar’s delivery is quite exquisite on it.

Adaora: Mazoe is the most slept on track.

Which record has the best replay value?

Thelma: Whistle & Star Life.

Naomi: Whistle has the best replay value for me, the chorus is insane.

Adaora: Whistle has the best replay value.

What do you think about the project as an album in 2022?

Naomi: I’d rank it a 6, I really like some songs on it, I also really don’t like some songs on it.

Adaora: The album is not in my top 5.

After Young Preacher, what do you think comes next for Blaqbonez?

Thelma: If nothing else, Blaqbonez has shown us time and time again that he’s versatile. This means you never really know what to expect, but somehow you trust that he’ll deliver on vibes and creativity. So I’m curious to see what else he has in store for us (including his music videos).

Naomi: I genuinely think he should become a music director first off. But I think he’s set a really high standard for himself with this first project and he has to pull off something more phenomenal the next time around.

Adaora: I can’t say for now but I know it’s something funny.

Overall thoughts and a 1-10 rating?

Thelma: It’s a solid album. Not exactly what I had in mind nor my favorite body of work from him, but solid nonetheless. I also liked some of his raps and how he gave us a glimpse into this current stage of his life. Nice production. 6/10.

Naomi: Lojay’s chorus on Whistle is extraordinary, it’s a clean album and I rate it a 7. 

Adaora: The album is interesting. Blaqbonez is an amazing lyricist. I will rate it 6/10.

Blaqbonez’s Young Preacher gets a combined rating of 6.3/10. Although the project isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a solid body of work with an excellent use of samples. Blaqbonez aka The Young Preacher has a specific message he’s preaching and you’re welcome to join his congregation if it’s a message you can connect with if not you’re advised to listen without paying too much attention to the lyrics and enjoy the rhythms and melodies.