In-House: Show Dem Camp’s “Palmwine Music 3”

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Show Dem Camp is back and the sensational duo recently released Palmwine Music 3, the third instalment of their Palmwine Music series. The album has 17 songs with 16 guest appearances from Tems, Victony, Ladipoe, Oxlade, Lojay, Tay Iwar, M.anifest, and others who tap into the Palmwine sound. Spax, Nsikak David, Efe Jazz, T.U.C, and more were also contributors to the production. Palmwine Music 3 breathes some fresh air on the series which began in 2017. The series offers listeners another dimension of their artistry that combines rap and Highlife to create a sensational body of work.

Today, the team at Culture Custodian share our thoughts and opinions on Show Dem Camp’s Palmwine Music 3, in this first instalment of our new In-House music commentary series.

What’s your favorite song on Palmwine Music 3?

Naomi:  Kele.

Adaora: Mine Alone, WYW, Bad Design, Apollo, and Freaky.

Thelma: My favorite song is definitely Mine Alone. As predictable as that choice may be, it really is the most fluid song on the album. All three of them understood the assignment and did what needed to be done on the track.

Michael: Kele is my favorite song on the album.

Which track do you think has the most superb production?

Naomi: Still Kele.

Adaora: I believe Apollo and Bad Design have the best production.

Thelma: I like the production on Mine Alone, with Rolling (ft TOBi) as a close second.

Michael: Kele.

Potential hit (No. 1) song?

Naomi: I think Mine Alone, it’s Oxlade season!

Adaora: I would say Mine Alone, and Live Life has the potential to go number 1 because of the bounce and features.

Thelma: It’s probably between Live Life (ft Tems) & Mine Alone (ft Oxlade) both for obvious reasons. As it is, both songs are already starting to show up more frequently on social media.

Michael: Kele.

Your favorite feature?

Naomi: Freaky featuring Mannywellz, it’s too smooth.

Adaora: Oxlade, Wurld and Bellah are my favorite features. 

Thelma: I actually really love what TOBi had to offer this time around, so that’s the feature at the top of my list. The quality of the Oxlade feature also cannot be denied (the man’s got talent). But in general, the solid list of features is probably my favorite thing about the album. Once again, they (SDC) have somehow managed to get everyone’s faves on one project, which in itself, is commendable.

Michael: Live Life (ft Tems).

Best vocals?

Naomi: Tay Iwar on Apollo

Adaora: Wurld has the best vocals.

Thelma: In terms of vocals, both Victony & Mannywellz delivered. (Honourable mention: Tay Iwar).

Michael: Freaky.

Potential miss?

Naomi: All hits no misses o.

Adaora: Your Love and Head Over Heels are potential misses.

Thelma: Personally, I don’t like that WYW song ft Bellah, even though it’s lowkey hilarious (I hope she carries belle for your friend). The song feels random and out of place on the album.

Most slept on track?

Naomi: Apollo!

Adaora: I think it’s Freaky.

Thelma: Rolling and Freaky.

Most replay value?

Naomi: I think it’s Kele.

Adaora: Mine Alone, WYW and Live Life have the best replay value.

Thelma: Asides Mine Alone (which is short, sweet, and loops quite nicely), I think Freaky is another good tune because it’s so easy to vibe to, thanks to its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus. 

Michael: Kele.

Where does Palmwine Music 3 rank in the SDC catalogue?

Naomi: I think it’s an evolution tbh, there’s no bad project it just got better.

Thelma: I’m not going to lie, this one ranks pretty low for me, especially in comparison to the other 3 Palmwine albums. But perhaps it’s too early to conclude. After all, comparison, they say, is the thief of joy. So maybe the album will grow on me with time.

Michael: Temperamentally, it’s similar to Palmwine Volume 1 and 2, only longer.

What are you expecting from Show Dem Camp next?

Naomi: Honestly, I just want them to maintain the quality of their music, I really hope whatever they have lined up next doesn’t pander and isn’t watered down.

Thelma: I try to avoid expecting too much from artists because it usually leads to disappointment. A lot of artists are constantly evolving, rolling with the times and experimenting with new sounds, so it’s best to approach new music with an open mind, rather than expecting it to sound a certain way, you know? But still… as a fan of hip hop myself, I’d like to hear more of that going forward; less ‘just vibes’, and more grit. That distinct sound that drew me to SDC that combines top-tier lyricism with potent punchlines, a touch of highlife and hard-hitting eloquence. We caught a glimpse of it on Mine Alone and one or two other tracks, but I think the features outshined anything the rap duo had to offer this time around on their own album.

Michael: I expect nothing. I’m not a fan.

Overall thoughts?

Naomi: I love how authentically SDC the album is, exactly what you’d expect from them and so well done too. The songs all sound very smooth and properly put together. A near-perfect album if I ever did see one!

Adaora: It’s a great project and the features are perfect.

Thelma: I feel like this album relied too heavily on the features, which made Tec and Ghost a little more languid in their delivery and approach. Still, there are a few redeeming moments and verses.

Michael: Show Dem Camp carry their gruff monotonous delivery into this album, which might be charming for some, but not for me. Limited delivery range aside, the album could have benefited from brevity. With its 17 songs and not very varied subject matter and inventive production, it might struggle to keep listeners piqued.