‘Sofa’ Is British Soul Singer, Iyamah, At Her Sensual Best

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Staying true to her ‘rootsy soul’ core, wrapped in an eclectic fusion of Neo-soul and Hip-hop, British soul singer, Iyamah is back with an incredibly honest and open release titled Sofa, that finds her lamenting her decision to return to her ex. Iyamah’s ability to wear her heart on the sleeve for all to see is nothing short of inspiring and is one of the reasons her performances are searing. Coupled with the personal nature of the single in which she delves into the details of a personal experience where she was left homeless with nowhere to go after a toxic breakup with her ex, Sofa rings true for a lot of independent artists in similar situations to Iyamah and is something that is likely to resonate to an extent.

Masterfully combining organic instrumentation with electronic elements, the leverage of Iyamah’s soaring vocals takes center stage as she laments her decision to return to her ex.

An acoustic gem, Sofa is Iyamah at her sensual best.


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