Jidenna Creates a Loop of Afrocentric Vibes with ‘Boomerang’ video

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Boomerang, the second track off of Jidenna’s EP just got a video and it is incredible. It is not dubbed incredible because of its premium quality, nor the inciting movement of the dancing duo. Neither is it incredible because of its fluent storyline nor the booble-head of Jidenna we see at the end of the video.

It is incredible because the video is in every sense of the word a boomerang.

Just like the song with its circular motion, the video feels like it is stagnant, at the same time progressive, circular, yet in motion. It begins, goes into motion, only to return to where it all began, as the name implies.

This beautiful work of art is a constant loop of narration and afrocentricity. And as earlier stated, it is incredible. Watch here.